Who We Are

We are your neighbours & we are stepping up

A grassroots non-partisan movement by concerned BC citizens

Take BC Back From The Politicians

The Society To Encourage Political Understanding & Participation ‘STEPUP’ is a non-partisan, not-for-profit registered society committed to opposing political parties that divide and weaken our communities for partisan gain.


Founded by concerned BC citizens who, prior to, weren’t politically engaged, we care deeply about our communities and the prospects for our children and grandchildren to live and thrive within them. We don’t like what is happening in BC politics. It’s become hyper-ideological and propagated by manipulation to consolidate power. Assumptively, and as a collective “voter base”, hard-working British Columbians are being manipulated by our Government, often at the expense of their neighbours, now targeted along perceived social and economic lines. These divisions encourage conflict and pit citizen against citizen when the opposites are needed more than ever. BC deserves better from its elected officials.

Our supporters reflect ideas from all three main BC parties. And we are united, challenging any party that stubbornly entrenches into unfair, tone-deaf, and divisive policies. We support those who support vibrant neighbourhoods, responsible achievement, and thoughtful policy. We are building a diverse and highly engaged citizens’ movement that opposes unreliable politicians who weaken our communities.

These issues are nuanced and complex; they evoke strong convictions on all sides. We realize many BC taxpayers don't fully share our concerns and views. But if you believe that BC is for the people, not the politicians, we are your voice. It’s time to step up.

STEPUP is a registered, not-for-profit BC society. We have a Board of Directors and dozens of active volunteers. When feasible, we work with great professionals and vendors for specific projects. We rely entirely on voluntary donations and every dollar collected goes to deliver on our Mission.

We are also a grassroots, volunteer organization. We love our province and are connected to our communities. We are stepping it up to support and protect the things we value. Oftentimes this means calling out wrong-headed or clumsy policy. Sometimes it involves stepping up to powerful politicians, who enjoy almost unlimited resources and well-established PR machines. We’re the little guy.