Who We Are

We are your neighbours & we are stepping up

A grassroots non-partisan movement by concerned BC citizens

Take BC Back From The Politicians

‘STEPUP’ is a grassroots non-partisan movement powered by volunteers. We are a not-for-profit registered society committed to promoting and defending the interests of current and future homeowners. We value economic freedom and prosperity in BC. STEPUP is opposed to politically driven policy aimed at dividing and weakening our communities by targeting homeowners. 


Founded by concerned BC homeowners who, prior to, weren’t politically engaged, we care deeply about our communities and the prospects for our children and grandchildren to live and thrive within them. Today, we represent over 3000 supporters and are the leading voice for current and future homeowners in British Columbia. Through our public and media engagement, STEPUP has reached millions of people. STEPUP engages in research and advocacy initiatives focusing on housing. 

We are united, challenging any party that stubbornly entrenches into policies which divide and weaken our communities. We have a Board of Directors and dozens of active volunteers. When feasible, we work with great professionals and vendors for specific projects. We rely entirely on voluntary donations. Every dollar collected goes to deliver on our Mission.