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By on 02/21/2019

BC Budget 2019 is being hailed by some NDP insiders as a modest, “stay the course” budget. But many commentators are pointing out the opposite.

  • Spending is up $10B/year;
  • ICBC rates are increasing, as ICBC continues to lose money;
  • Carbon tax is going up;
  • The Employer Health Tax will squeeze $1.8B from job creators;
  • BC Hydro rates are increasing; and
  • The provincial debt is growing.  

According to financial information in ICBC’s 2019 — 2022 Service Plan, premiums collected in the current financial year will be $5.826 billion. By 2022, ICBC will collect $7.569 billion in premiums. (The Province, February 21)

The real bottom line for a government is its net debt (gross debt minus financial assets) and changes in net debt depend on both the operating budget and the capital budget. This year BC's net debt will reach $41.1 billion (or 17.6 percent of GDP), up from $24.9 billion (12.2 per cent of GDP) in 2008/09. (Fraser Institute)

And, housing starts province-wide will have dropped 30% since the NDP took over - a strong indicator of the province’s economic outlook. (Vancouver Sun)

As you know, it’s getting harder and harder for families to make ends meet. 

How has your life become more unaffordable under the BC NDP?

Have you had to refinance your home? Has the school tax surcharge had an impact on your family? Is the bureaucracy of the speculation tax stressing you out? Are you worried about making ends meet once you've paid Hydro, ICBC, and rent or property tax? Is the Employer Health Tax making it harder to make payroll?

Tell us your story

We will compile your stories and make sure that the BC NDP hears them loud and clear.

Taxpayers, homeowners, seniors and small businesses are not the BC NDP’s ATM.

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