Show of Disapproval

By on 03/14/2019

Frustrated voters engage in protest outside David Eby event

VANCOUVER (March 14, 2019) - Vancouver residents peacefully rallied outside David Eby’s speaking event at the Vancouver Club today.

The group, assisted by community organization STEPUP, was largely comprised of seniors who are the hardest hit by the BC NDP’s school tax surcharge, speculation tax, and other taxes that are making it difficult to get by.  

“I am not a professional protester; nor am I a speculator or the owner of a boarded-up house,” said Hans Schneider, who helped to organize the respectful protest. “As a senior who has lived in my home for 30 years, paid real estate taxes in full, and carefully planned for retirement, I am now concerned about my future. David Eby may be guaranteed a generous government pension, but I am not. These new taxes are threatening residents and dividing communities.”

“I am a retiree who has been working and paying taxes in this country for the past 54 years,” added Schneider. “As an independent business owner for 35 years I created jobs, contributed to the community and paid taxes. I do not object to paying progressive taxes but these taxes are not protecting seniors, human rights and dignity.”

STEPUP is a grassroots citizens advocacy organization.


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