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By on 04/03/2019

The NDP/Green coalition has been a disaster to our family.

My wife and I are life-long residents of Vancouver, and have owned and lived in Point Grey for 33 years. We are now retired and living in West Point Grey. We have been careful with our  retirement funds, and own our home mortgage-free, which has been a cornerstone of our retirement plan.

Unfortunately, owing to the NDP unfair confiscatory “School Tax” our home, along with most others in David Eby’s riding, has lost 25% of its value since the NDP took power. We have been forced to defer the unaffordable taxes, and are now in debt to the city and province because of the fiscal policies of the NDP. This will have a serious impact on our financial well-being during retirement years.

Further, I worry about the future of our province.  The NDP policies are killing the housing market, which will have a devastating impact on the many jobs relying on this construction. The debt being run up by the provincial government is going to weigh heavily on future generations who will be burdened with the interest payments on this growing debt.

Many of the youth in the province do not understand that these policies, while possibly beneficial to them in the short term will have a huge impact on their lifetime income.

Ric Pow, Vancouver

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