Sign the petition: No 9.4% Tax Increase.

By on 11/26/2019

On Monday, the City of Vancouver announced a draft budget that would see a property tax increase of 8.3% and a combined service fee increase of 9.4%.  

For years city hall expenditures have exceeded inflation and now they are pushing even further. This years draft budget proposes by far the largest increase in more than a decade - operating expenditures increasing from 1.5 billion to 1.62 billion. 

Mayor Kennedy Stewart and most of Council are alarmingly disconnected from Vancouver's homeowners and taxpayers 

It's time to push back on higher taxes and mediocre cost management. The Vancouver Sun recently reported, “Metro Vancouver tax bite to rise 43.5% in 5 years”.

Taxpayers and homeowners must reject Mayor Stewart's and Council's tax grab. 

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