A grassroots non-partisan movement by concerned BC citizens

Introducing the people that make StepUP possible

Small but mighty (and growing!)

STEP UP is small but mighty (and growing!). We are fortunate to have three, very experienced directors on our Board, who have built extraordinary lives for themselves and their families. All are long-time residents of British Columbia. None have been actively involved in politics previously, beyond, in some cases, donating. STEP UP is a new, more engaging, effort for all involved.

Brian Edgar

Brian, a graduate of UBC, practiced corporate and securities law in Vancouver for 16 years after which he left the practice of law to become an entrepreneur mainly in the mining and oil & gas industries. He has participated in the creation of numerous resource companies and currently sits on the boards of five public companies. He has been married for 35 years and has three grown children, two resident in Vancouver with one resident in Toronto. Brian believes strongly in the inclusive nature of Canadian democracy and is highly motivated to resist those that would promote divisiveness in society especially in his home province of British Columbia.

Bud Kanke

Almost everyone in Vancouver has eaten at Joe Fortes, The Cannery, or The Fish House in Stanley Park. Bud started and ran all of them, among many other ventures. Bud and his family are long-time Vancouver residents. Bud is a proud grandfather and is very active in philanthropy, volunteerism, and various charities. Apart from that, Bud loves spending time with family, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and good friends.

Jonathan Rubenstein

Jonathan lives with his lovely wife of 40 years, Mary Ann, in Vancouver. When not playing with his grandkids, Jonathan chairs MAG Silver, based in Vancouver. He also sits on the boards of other companies. From 1977-1994, Jonathan practiced law in BC and since he has worked in corporate executive director roles. Jonathan makes lifelong friends. He has a fighting spirit and is not afraid of standing up to bullies.