Janet's story

By on 04/03/2019

I was born in Canada and lived here all my life. I purchased a condo in Vancouver in July of 2015.  I am 57 years old and worked hard to retire at 55.

I have never been on Unemployment Insurance or been a financial or legal burden on the government.

I thought I would have enough to live on and calculated for inflation and emergency money and medical expenses.

As it is now I don’t think I can afford to live in BC.  

The stress of knowing that the NDP doesn’t know how to balance a budget.  That they continue spend beyond what is reasonable is frustrating.

That they look to those who are in their retirement years to fund their bottomless debt is ridiculous.

Many small business owners are being forced to close their doors.  The charm of the city will be lost without those small businesses.

I know of others who plan to take their hard work and money elsewhere.  The BC NDP needs to go. Someone with a business sense needs to run the government.  

Janet, Vancouver

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