Together we can challenge the ideologically-driven policies that divide and weaken our community.


The BC NDP Government has introduced an additional “School Tax” surcharge, starting in 2019, that specifically targets a small segment of British Columbia’s homeowners.

Many of these homeowners saved carefully and have owned their homes for decades, and watched helplessly as property values increased in their neighbourhood. They have planned for retirement and cannot afford an unexpected tax increase.

The additional tax on your homes will apply regardless of the actual equity you have in your property and will continue to be assessed against the “value” of your home every year moving forward.

The school tax surcharge is a targeted attack on a specific class of citizens. It is contrary to Canadian tax policy (as it taxes unrealized gains), and does nothing to solve affordability. It may, in fact, worsen affordability.

The school tax surcharge is a slippery slope: UBC academics are already calling for the taxes to be applied to properties assessed at $1M, which would capture nearly every single detached home in the City of Vancouver.

The school tax surcharge encroaches on municipal tax base; this has serious implications to the ability of municipalities to raise revenues. The mayors of Vancouver and West Vancouver have already written to the Premier asking him to repeal the school tax surcharge for this reason.

If you’re considering seeking relief by deferring your taxes, keep in mind the interest and long-term financial liability that you will be placing against your family’s home. Additionally, the BC NDP has not offered any rebate should your property value decrease or be sold for less than the assessed value it was taxed at in prior years.

Regardless of being termed a “School Tax”, the revenues collected are not specifically for your local community or schools. They will be treated as general revenue by the provincial government, mixed in with other sources to fund whatever ideological schemes the government decides to pursue.

Despite the significant financial impact your family may face from being targeted by this new tax, the revenues from it will amount to a fraction of a percent of the provincial budget and make little difference in any services the NDP hopes to provide. It primarily serves to signal to their supporters that they are “doing something” about high real estate values.


The tax and spend BC NDP have introduced at least nineteen new taxes, or increases to existing taxes, since taking power. These include increases to BC Hydro and ICBC rates, an increased Property Transfer Tax that makes it more difficult for first time home buyers, and more.

The Carbon Tax increase of $5 per tonne, per year, for four years, is estimated to cost British Columbians $1.3B. Like the “School Tax”, the revenue is not set aside for climate policies, but goes into the large “general revenue” spending pot.


The Employer Health Payroll Tax will kill thousands of jobs.

It threatens small businesses, which are already squeezed by taxes and over-regulation. Business owners must find measures to comply with this brand new tax, and may resort to layoffs, reducing hours, or cutting benefits.

To make matters worse, businesses who currently pay MSP for their employees are hit with a double tax this year, as MSP payments don’t cease until December 31.


The Speculation Tax roll-out came as a surprise for homeowners as they realized that failure to complete the declaration would result in a “negative option billing” of tax levy. While the BC NDP are the first to admit that the mass majority of homeowners will be exempt from the tax, they are imposing this bureaucratic burden on every homeowner in affected areas.

The government estimates around 30,000 BC properties will be subject to the tax. 1.3 million taxpayers will have to fill out forms that include their Social Insurance numbers and email addresses or pay this arbitrary tax. We can only speculate as to what they plan to do with this sensitive personal information.


Attorney General David Eby was facing an organized recall campaign. Instead of standing up and defending government policies, the already onerous rules around recall were tilted in the favour of sitting MLAs even more. Far from embracing transparency and accountability, the NDP rushed through a bill just days before the beginning of the start of recall campaign. They invoked closure in the legislature to shut down debate and rammed through their changes.

To date, there has never been a successful recall campaign in BC, despite several attempts, it was a very high bar. Now, it’s even higher. Spending limits have been arbitrarily imposed, procedural red tape massively increased and third party activity severely curtailed.

Much like the failed referendum on electoral reform, these changes highlight the NDP’s willingness to rig the game in their favour using any means available.


We have been out at the doors, at rallies, and talking to our neighbours. We have heard from voters in Vancouver - Point Grey. David Eby was not elected to impose arbitrary surcharges on homeowners, nor to suppress freedom of speech through hastily approved elections legislation reform. His insistence to push through his ideological agenda is creating a groundswell of opposition from hard-working families and small businesses in his riding.