Defend Our Police and Demand a Back To Basics Budget

By on 11/29/2020

A recent survey showed that 78% of citizens are concerned about crime in Vancouver. Vancouver Police crime statistics show that: 

  • Violent crime is up in 16 of Vancouver's 24 neighbourhoods,
  • Serious assaults are up in 19 of Vancouver's 24 neighbourhoods,
  • Murders have increased by 56%, and
  • Anti-Asian hate crime has increased 878%.

While crime is rising sharply across many Vancouver neighbourhoods there is a movement of social activists seeking to underfund the police. Notably, while the police (a core service) is being underfunded, Vancouver property tax hikes have risen almost 30 per cent in six years, more than triple the rate of inflation. 

Please share the below information to help ensure public safety is prioritized by Mayor & City Council. 

1) Vancouver resident and business owners should SPEAK UP at the Dec.1st CITY COUNCIL BUDGET 2021 MEETING. 

2) Tell the Mayor and City Council you want a #backtobasicsbudget and more police enforcement. #TakeBackOurCity

3) Follow us on Twitter and Facebook. Please share our YouTube videos "Vancouver is Dying" or animation "Take Back Our City". 

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