Budget Decision Delayed!

By on 12/16/2019

Dear STEPUP Supporter

This past week we flooded City Council with letters rejecting the proposed 8.2% (9.3% combined) property tax hike. Council responded by acknowledging the volume of correspondence and referring the budget back to staff. Your voice helped push Council in the right direction, thank you!

On Tuesday, NPA councillor Lisa Dominato put forward a motion requesting options for a 4.5%, 5%, and 6% property tax hike. Unfortunately, Green Party Councillor Adrienne Carr responded with an amendment bumping the range up to 5%, 6%, or 7% - this amendment passed with only Councillor Hardwick voting in opposition.  

Each of the three proposals is for a tax hike in excess of population growth, wage growth, and inflation. Council is scheduled to make a final decision on Tuesday, December 17th. Please reach out to Council via this link and let them know that NONE of the proposals are acceptable. Lets ask Staff and Council to refocus on a back to basics approach to government that delivers quality core services and reasonable rates of taxation.

City Hall is suffering from both reckless spending and scope creep. The result is that even at their “reduced” rate each of the three current proposals would be the largest city tax hike in over a decade. 

Using documents obtained under freedom of information, Bob Mackin reported that Kennedy Stewart spent $8,000 on a “glitzy video” about his achievements. A relatively small sum, but emblematic of a culture gone wrong at City Hall. 

Please share our petition with a friend. If every supporter who opens this email signs up a friend, that makes an impact. 

Thank you again for all you do, 


P.S. Councillor Hardwick is neck and neck in this poll (bottom right of page) to select "Vancouver's Favourite Councillor". Please help boost her above the rest.