Media Release

Affinity for our "incredibly disappointed" A-G

By on 12/05/2018

VANCOUVER, BC – Today media reported on David Eby's reaction to charges stayed in B.C.'s largest money-laundering case: Attorney General 'incredibly disappointed' by charges stayed in B.C.'s largest money-laundering case (Vancouver Sun). According to Eby, "there is an 'urgent' need to find out why this happened and come up with fixes in co-operation with the federal government."

Mr Eby deserves strong support fighting the bad guys and money launderers; however, he hasn't supported thousands of taxpayers in his own riding of Vancouver-Point Grey. 'Incredibly disappointed' aptly describes how a growing number of taxpayers are beginning to feel about Mr Eby, specifically related to unprecedented and dangerous tax policy targeted at his riding.

Thousands of Mr Eby's constituent families are facing double-digit percentage increases to their property taxes, payable next May, because of the NDP school surtax. The City of Vancouver is also proposing an effective 6.3% hike to property taxes and utility fees for 2019. David Eby's constituents are facing the highest property tax increase in over a decade. The average 2019 property tax increase on over 20,000 Vancouver homes is a stunning 35% with the new school surtax. Proposed City property tax increases raise that even further. 

There is an 'urgent' need for the NDP to come clean on the real percentage increases for those families impacted. The '0.2' and '0.4%' figures touted by David Eby and the NDP obscure the real increase to total property taxes for families targeted by the school surtax.